Market Report - 28th October 2010

Apples & Pears.

Apple supplies are limited with the exception of Granny Smiths. Premium apples are expensive, quality is good. Packham Pears from Victoria are available and eat well.


Local Hass are available and good quality. Hass Avocadoes darken to a black colour when ripe. (Tip: gently press the avocado at the stalk end. If there is slight softness, the avocado is ripe and ready. It does not have to go completely black!)


Queensland and New South Wales bananas are in good supply. Quality and taste are excellent, and prices are good. Lady Finger Bananas will be plentiful also.


Grapes are in very short supply and quality is variable. New Australian grapes should be available in the next 2 weeks.


Late Lane navels from Riverina are available. Quality is excellent. Lemons and limes are in very short supply and expensive. Honey Murcott Mandarins will be finishing in the next few weeks.


New Zealand Kiwifruit is coming to and end but quality is good. Italian Kiwifruit will soon be available. Thai Drinking Coconuts are available and quality is excellent. Chinese and Mexican garlic are available. Quality is good. Premium Salad Onions are being imported from California to bridge a gap in local supply..


Northern Territory mangoes are in season. Supply is plentiful and we can look forward to good supplies for the next couple of months. Mangoes will be at their best over the next 2 months. Prices are very cheap from all growing areas.

Stone fruit.

Queensland peaches and nectarines have started. Both have good flavour for this early in the season. Price will improve in the coming weeks. Plums and Apricots will start shortly.


Rockmelons and honeydews are in very short supply. There is a good supply of watermelon and quality is excellent.


Queensland strawberry season is nearly finished with recent rain ruining many crops. West Australian berries are available and quality is good. Prices will firm. Blueberries are coming in season. Quality and prices are excellent.


Pineapples are in short supply, many are being used for juicing. Topless pineapples are the best eating. Pawpaw is in good supply. Lychees will start shortly. Prices are high but quality is excellent.

Green Vegetables.

Recent heavy rain has forced up the price of many green vegetables. Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Silberbeet have all firmed in price. Zucchini is in short supply. Asparagus from Victoria is now here and prices are good.

Salad Vegetables.

Continental cucumbers have eased. But Lebanese and green cucumbers are still in short supply. Recent rain in the Bundaberg district has caused a shortage of capsicum, cucumbers and zucchinis. Tomatoes also are likely to become more expensive.

Heavy Produce.

Pumpkin and onion crops are in between seasons. New Season Queensland onions are now available. New season onions have soft shell and are light in colour. Their quality is excellent although they don’t look as good as hard shell old season onions. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are in very short supply due to high rainfall in growing areas.

Roger Hill
Tugun Fruit Market

Author: Roger

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