Market Report - 25th November 2010

Market Report 25-11-2010


All apples with the exception of Granny Smiths are in short supply but quality is excellent.


We have good supplies of local Cavendish and Lady Finger Bananas at good prices.


Australian Thompson Seedless Greens Grapes have started. There are minimal quantities available, quality improving but grapes are likely to remain expensive. Early season quality is poor.


The quantities of stonefruit are slowly increasing. By the month’s end we should have good eating fruit. Apricots should be plentiful in coming weeks. Cherries and Lychees are just starting. Plums are just starting.


Lemon supplies are short as are limes however limes will become plentiful in coming weeks. Valencia Oranges are now available and are juicing well. A few late lane Navels are left.


We have large supplies of cheap good quality Hass avocadoes available from Mt. Tambourine.

Salad Vegies

All cucumbers will be good value. Lettuce will be more expensive in the near future due to the Toowoomba crop being destroyed by hail.


Tomatoes will remain firm over the next month, however quality is good. We are sourcing a supply of local tomatoes and their quality is excellent!


Supply and quality of Rockmelon & Honeydew is still quite erratic out of Northern Queensland. We are starting to see some fruit from Chinchilla. Seedless Watermelon out of Northern Territory is starting to ease in quantity. Price is firming.

Cooking Veggies

We are starting to use Victorian Broccoli & Cauliflower quality is excellent. Brussels Sprouts & Leeks are very expensive & look like remaining that way in the near future.

Brushed Potatoes

Recent rain has upset Bundaberg and Atherton production. Potatoes are expensive and will remain in short supply in the near future.

Washed Potatoes

Washed Potatoes are expensive and quality is variable.


All pumpkins are expensive and in short supply.


Local Brown Onions are becoming more plentiful and quality is improving. American Red Salad onions are good quality but expensive.

Herbs & Salad Mixes

Silverbeet is in short supply due to the recent rainy weather. Prices on most herb lines should remain the same. Eschallots are also light supply due to rain.


Kensington Pride (Bowen) mangoes are in short supply. R2E2 Mangoes will be plentiful over the next few weeks but the season is likely to be short.

Roger Hill
Tugun Fruit Market

Author: Roger Hill

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