Market Report - 23rd February 2011

Market Report – 23rd February 2011

Apples & Pears

New season Royal Gala, Red Delicious & Granny smith apples are available and supply is good. Royal galas are best eating and new season Grannies. Remain quite sour.


Far north Queensland hass and Greenskin avocadoes are now plentiful and quality is good.


Recent events in the main banana growing areas have disrupted supply. Once bananas that were cut post storm are exhausted expect prices of all bananas to firm up substantially for some months.


Quality green, red, and black seedless grapes are abundant. Supply will begin to reduce in coming weeks.


USA navels are available and quality is good. Local Valencias (best for juicing) are also available but supplies are short this year. Lemons and limes are mid season and plentiful. USA mandarins are also available.


USA Kiwifruit is available and quality is good. There is disruption in the supply of Thai drinking coconuts. USA navels and mandarins are available. Chinese and Mexican garlic are available. The Mexican garlic is very good quality.


Mangoes are coming to an end. Late varieties, Brooks, Keitts and Palmers are available and eat well if fully ripe.


Peaches and nectarines are nearly finished but quality remains good. Golden Queen Peaches are now available. Plums will be available for some weeks and are superb eating.


Rockmelons are plentiful and quality is excellent. Honeydews are available but remain in short supply. Watermelons are plentiful and great eating.


Strawberries are heat affected and it is difficult to procure good stock. Blueberries are plentiful and good value.


Pineapples are plentiful and sugar levels are high. Topless pineapples are best eating. Pawpaw is in short supply due to the “Cyclone” factor in north Queensland but quality is good.

Green Vegetables

Broccoli is in short supply and there may be periods without cauliflowers in coming weeks. Lettuce Cabbage, Silverbeet, beans and zucchinis are all in short supply. And prices remain firm. Heat and excessive rainfall in the Main growing areas are contributing factors.

Salad Vegetables

Continental cucumbers are plentiful and good value. Capsicums and other cucumbers are in short supply. Tomatoes will continue to be expensive in the short term. Mesculin salad mix is plentiful and quality is good however Rocket and Baby Spinach is difficult to obtain.

Heavy Produce

Supplies of potatoes sweet potatoes, onions and pumpkins are good and quality is excellent.

Roger Hill
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Author: Roger Hill

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